Čím méně má člověk peněz, tím více má potíží. Protože má každý z nás své nezbytné se životem související potřeby, jež se jinak než za peníze uspokojit nedají.

Try shooting in Prague!

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country in the middle of Europe. People call this country the heart of Europe and it has its own reason. If you are visiting this wonderful country, you are probably planning to spend the most of time in the capital city. The capital city of the Czech Republic is Prague and it is one of the oldest cities in this country. There are a lot of historical buildings and museums. You can´t miss the Charles bridge and the Prague Castle. Besides of sightseeing you can do a lot of other fun activities when you are there. We recommend to try Czech beer. You can taste a lot of different brands and kinds of beer. The Czech Republic is very famous for its beer.

gun charges

We also recommend to try some more adrenalin experiences. For an example shooting. There is an amazing shooting range in Prague Outbackprague. They offer a special package for experience shooters, so if you know how to shoot, you can try different shooting challenges with many different guns. Even if you are totally new to shooting you do not have to worry. There are also options for beginners. It is a great opportunity to experience something new and exciting.


Outback Prague offers many different packages, so everyone can choose what suit them the best. There are well-experience instructors, who will take care about you. They will explain everything you need to know and will show you different guns and targets. The shooting range is indoor and it is open for the whole year during all seasons, so you don´t have to care about the weather. They also offer transport from your hotel to the shooting ranges, so don´t have to worry about that neither. The whole experience is fun but also safe. The professional instructors have years of experience with shooting and they know exactly what to do. And they will care about your safety.